Jobs! Jobs! Jobs!

The Ontario Works Campaign is all about educating residents on the positive impact that transit and infrastructure expansion has on communities, from job creation to economic growth. Together we will build a stronger Ontario.

Your Campaign = Your Community

Now more than ever before, communities across Ontario are challenged by the growing need for infrastructure, the lack of dedicated transit funding, and the desire to create more jobs. Every municipality in Ontario is connected by their struggle to finance and build the infrastructure their residents need and supply funding to overall operations of our transit systems.

Our members are community builders, business leaders, designers, planners and service providers and city builders. Our grassroots campaigns engage and educate communities about the jobs and economic benefits that transit and infrastructure expansion brings to our communities.

Community Committees: We work with community leaders and city builders to bring together political leaders, business leaders and community advocates to mobilize the Ontario Works Campaign within their communities. The Transit Alliance provides event coordination, literature, and works as media liaison.

Our goal is to increase public awareness and support for transit and infrastructure expansion and the jobs that come with it.

To host an Ontario Works Campaign Committee – please contact us.

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