Toronto: Metrolinx reaches new contract with Bombardier for Crosstown

Over the holidays, Metrolinx negotiated new contract terms with Bombardier, the transit agency responsible for producing light rail vehicles for Toronto’s Eglinton Crosstown light rail transit […]

Metrolinx signs contract with Alstrom as backup to Bombardier

Metrolinx announced Friday they have entered into a contract with Alstrom, a French transit agency specializing in integrated systems, to build 17 vehicles for the Finch West […]

Bombardier delays Waterloo LRT and Toronto is worried

Bombardier continues to disappoint Canadians by delaying the Waterloo Ion light rail vehicle (LRT) system and forcing Waterloo to push back their opening date for the […]

What’s happening with Bombardier and the TTC?

Bombardier Transportation Inc., the agency hired by the Toronto Transit Commission (TTC) to produce a fleet of new streetcars, is experiencing delays … once again. TTC […]

TTC to begin legal claim against Bombardier

At the October 28th Toronto Transit Commission (TTC) board meeting, staff adopted the recommendation of staff to “immediately commence a claim or legal action against Bombardier […]

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